Jack Harvey

Jack lives on Coyote Rim Ranch in the Colorado mountains with his wife Gina. 
An observatory housing the Trubble Terrestrial Telescope is on the ranch, and is part of SkyNet. This is a project  that automatically and remotely controls telescopes in  and the USA to chase (GRBs). Once a GRB is detected by the orbiting NASA Swift Satellite, ground  based telescopes are alerted to track and image the GRB. The SkyNet telescope network is also available for educational outreach purposes for high school and college projects.

This collaboration with Prof. Daniel Reichert (UNC-CH), director of SkyNet, led to the modification of one of the six science telescopes at CTIO to do both wide  and narrow band imaging. SSRO-South was created upon culmination of a trip to Chile with the installation of the modifications to the telescope. Jack is a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Jack also works with the 1.23 meter telescope at Calar Alto, Spain through collaboration with Vicent Peris (DSA).

  "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars"

Charles A. Beard
in From the Earth to the Moon