Sun and Moon

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N/A - Unknown
Placerville, CA

During the Annular eclipse, we had around 200 people come to the observatory for viewing.  After the main crowd had thinned, I did have an opportunity to put a camera into the telescope and gather a bit of imaging data.  This is one of the images taken around 7:07 PDT on May 20th.  It was well after the maximum of the eclipse (the viewing lines were very long at the max and the views were very nice).

This image used about 8 seconds of data (the moon was moving across the sun sufficiently rapidly that there was lots of blurring if I used more data).  The monochrome video data was processed in Registax and then brought into Photoshop for further processing, stretching, and colorizing.  Masks were used to differentially process the atmosphere and the surface.

Technical Details
Exposure Time:
8 seconds
Home Made Imaging Source DmK 51
Home Made Lunt 100 THa
Losmandy G-11
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