SSRO Protocol

SSRO Launch Protocol
Version 051201
Cooling: 30 minutes prior to sunset if using RCOS or 30 minutes after sunset if using FSQ
1.    Restart computer to get rid of any of the previous night’s settings.
2.    Turn on power with BayTech.  Option #1 to power the ME and either #2 for the RCOS/STL or #3 for the FSQ/STL.  Turn off #7 = power to monitor.
3.    Start the VidCam and minimize it when not in use as this slows the screen redraws.
4.    Start TheSky6, which will home the scope.  Initiate ProTrack.  Enable PEC.
5.    Start CCDSoft and start cooling the STL camera, though initially not to the coolest setting that you want.  Set autoguider to camera relays if using the FSQ and direct guide if using the RCOS.
6.    Start the RCOS TCC if the 16” is being used, and start cooling the scope at 100%.  Start the secondary heater (automatic).  Home the PIR.  Do not link the PIR to TheSky6 at this time.
7.    Start RoboFocus if using FSQ.  Start FocusMax and set up for the system being used (FSQ versus RCOS) and select TCC versus RoboFocus Control System under system setup.
8.    Start DDWCP and home dome if not already homed.  Change query to 5 seconds.  Do not Slave dome to scope at this time.  Open dome if cooling and keep it pointing North to avoid sun entering dome.
9.    DDWCP/Configure/Scope Mount Properties:  Change the “German Offset” to 19.8” for the RCOS or 34” for the FSQ and hit OK.
10.  DDWCP/G-E Mount Axis Flip: make sure that “Over Axis” and “Scope flips at Meridian” are checked.  If the scope doesn’t appear to be pointing to the correct portion of the sky on the DDWCP GUI then change the over to under.  This is not a big deal as it sounds, just look at the GUI.  If you want to you can also go to “Help” and click “Over/Under Reverse” to reset things to the proper orientation.
11.  Start CCDAP2.  Deselect RCOS PIR if using FSQ. Settings for plate solve: 
RCOS/STL: 0.51 arcsec/pixel, subframe 1, filter lum, bin 1x1, exp time 8;
FSQ/STL: 7 arcsec/pixel, subframe 1/4, filter lum, bin 2x2, exp 2 sec.
Quick switch RCOS/FSQ info:
Power:       #1= RCOS/STL
                   #3= FSQ/STL
CCDSoft AutoGuide: RCOS=direct guide
                                      FSQ=camera relays
CCDSoft WCS: ¼ frame with FSQ, Full frame with RCOS
FocusMax: System:      FSQ= FSQ.ini and RoboFocus Control Program
                                      RCOS=RCOS 11K.ini and RCOS TCC
CCDAP: Flip/Rotate: FSQ=7 arcsec/pixel, ¼ frame, bin 2x2, exposure 2 sec.
                                      RCOS=0.51 arcsec/pixel, 1 subframe, bin 1x1, 8 sec
DDW: GEM:      RCOS=19.8
Imaging:  Forty-five minutes to one hour after sunset
1.    TCC: turn fans to automatic.  Connect PIR to TheSky and when asked to synch the two chose the third option to do nothing.
2.    CCDSoft: change the cooling of the camera to the desired temperature.
3.    Slew scope where you want to be.
4.    DDWCP: Slave the dome to the scope.  IT IS OK THAT THE AZ OF THE SCOPE AND DOME DO NOT MATCH.  The dome has to optimize its pointing due to the GEM.
1.    Home the scope and close the slit, unless already done so with CCDAP2.
2.    Park the scope, unless already done so with CCDAP2.
3.    Turn off all programs.  You might get errors doing this unless you close CCDAP2 first, but it is ok.
4.    Turn off BayTech power to mount, scope, and camera and turn monitor back on (#7).
1.    If using CCDAP2 “X,Y Focus” you need to use a 1x1 image to locate the x,y coordinates.
2.    A target frame can be a 1x1 or a 2x2 image.  Use ¼ frame for the FSQ due to the chip size.