Steve Mazlin

Steve Mazlin lives in eastern Pennsylvania with his wife, Violet, and his 2 sons. When not actually acquiring or processing images, he's usually thinking about acquiring or processing images. In August 2006, Steve, together with Jim Misti and Bob Benamati, hosted the East Coast Conference on Astronomical Imaging (ECCAI) in Philadelphia.  Somehow he finds time for his other familial responsibilities (though Violet may argue this point), and time to be a neurologist in a busy private practice. With his skies polluted by the combined light domes of New York City to the northeast and Philadelphia to the southwest, Steve finally decided to enter the remote imaging arena by making a virtual move out west and joining the SSRO-North team in New Mexico in January 2007, and the SSRO-South team at CTIO in Chile in 2008 (all the while still trying to image from his home observatory as well).  He had a one man show at the Monmouth Museum in NJ in 2009, and several of his images are included in the travelling show "Starstruck: The Fine Art  of Astrophotography" (last seen at the Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA). Steve's images have appeared on APOD numerous times, and in many magazines.  UNESCO chose his image of the Witch Head Nebula for its 2009 World Science Day poster.  
His personal website can be viewed at 
His alter ego, The Great Mazlini, can be found on YouTube.