Rex Parker


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Rex Parker did research for 30 years in drug discovery in the biopharma industry, where as a biochemist he studied and imaged the extremely small. To balance things he became deeply involved in imaging the very large.  As Director of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton, telescopes and astrophysics became a near-obsession.  He lives in central New Jersey with his wife Carol, who has not only tolerated but encouraged this astronomical journey (his first real telescope, a Celestron C8, was a gift from her).  In recent years Rex’s imaging evolved from a Losmandy mount holding a 5” Takahashi refractor or 11” Celestron to a home observatory replete with Paramount MX and AG Optical 12.5” iDK telescope.  He credits many nights spent under NJ skies, and Adam Block’s imaging workshops at Mt Lemmon AZ, and for developing the confidence and motivation to join the SSRO team and conduct astroimaging remotely from the Chilean Andes.
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When not doing astronomy Rex is involved in biotech consulting and pursues interests in alternative energy and sustainability, serving as member of the township Environmental Commission, Planning Board, and Green Team.  His personal website dedicated to astrophotography is: